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Welcome to the Gateway to Furniture of Indonesia

Putra Furniture is the ultimate solution for both wholesaler and retailer willing to import Indonesian Furniture

Our place is based in Bali, Indonesia has been doing wood working since 1990 and has been successfully catering all the business for overseas and domestic. We are specialized in teak wood working for in door furniture.

Our experience has given and educated our customers on how to have a best quality of the products and services.
As the time goes, the number our customers have increased since 1990 both from overseas such as Italy, Australia, England, Francis, Amerika and domestic industries.

We do all the design based on your preference or on the other way, we give you some samples of the design which suites your needs. Then our experienced and well trained staff will do the rest such as consultancy. This step needed as to approve that the design is acceptable.

This is how easy our order will be processed. Once the wood design has been completely done, the decision of delivery is on your hands.

To find more about our products and services, just browse our whole pages of our online products catalogue. Should there be any questions and inquiries, please contact us at yunidini@yahoo.com or simply fill out our order form and send your message to us.
Thank you very much for your attention and look forward to being a part of your business partner.

Your satisfaction is our future
We handle correspondence in English and Italian.