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Firstly, we would like to thankful to all of our customers and candidates for visiting our website, specially our regular customers of Putra Furniture for trusting us to fulfill your purchasing order, your suggestions and critics to us that make us growing better and keeping producing good quality products.

Nowadays we are using 95% old teakwood so that we can produce better furniture with export quality. Putra Furniture wishing for better quality and satisfied the customer and we prove it by using old teak wood.

For your information, so far we are producing and selling our own furniture designs product has two factories in East Java and one factory in Bali . In operational we are not handling retail only, but wholesale and order based on buyer’s design is accepted as well and cooperate with anyone from anywhere and the most important thing for us, business will going smoothly with honesty from both of us, and finish the order on time.

Putra Furniture has been growing well and we always inform our customers with actual information about our products so that customers will feel satisfy for not being tricked. We are producing unique, useful furniture with high art and prestige because furniture products of us are not mass products.

Characteristic products of Putra Furniture are:
· All furniture is special and original design of Putra Furniture and we also made to order design from buyers.
· Process of wood thickness with high standard quality / above of the other furniture in general
· Good finishing touch to all detail side.
· We are only use the best material quality.
· We are using 95% old teakwood material for all furniture products.

Thank you for attention and we hope to start / to develop our business relationship “May God Bless Us for Success”.
On behalf of management and all staff, may you forgive us for any unintentionally unpleasant words or mistakes in spelling.

Yours Sincerely,